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The North County Humane Society is a division of Action for Animals' Rights (AFAR), founded in 1977. We are a "no-kill" cat adoption center/shelter. Our mission is to reduce pet overpopulation and to promote responsible pet ownership through spay/neuter and trap, neuter and release programs; provide shelter, care and socialization opportunities for domestic cats awaiting permanent homes; and advocate for the welfare and humane treatment of all animals through education efforts in our communities. View our
Complete Mission Statement and History

If you are looking to support a great organization, we could really use your help.

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Event of the Month

Julie Bean


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Julie Bean


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Julie Bean


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Julie Bean


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Julie Bean


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Sulan Dun

Hi, I thought you might enjoy my YouTube Road of Life cat music video

In it, a cat sings of loving her owner, being

Road of Life cat music video

A cat sings about loving her owner, abandonment by the side of the road, and learning to love again with her rescuer. Adopt the OC Small Paws rescue cats in ...

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AWWW thank you soo much !

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North County Humane Society

Some of the many kittens this season


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Katie Kaylor Christie

Like · 12 Jul

Looks like Hootie and Eggnog.

Like · 13 Jul

One morrrrrre ♡

Like · 13 Jul

Bonnie Louwerens

Leia (Ashley) and her big brother Loki. Bestest Buds!

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Luv it!!!
So precious😍

Like · 9 Jul

We have that same blanket for the shelter kitties!

Like · 12 Jul

Joy Wilde

Has anyone called inquiring about a pregnant or just delivered black cat? We were keeping our black cat indoors because she was pregnant and she got out and now we can't find her. We are VERY worried because she should have had the babies. She

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Ricia Sorum

Hello NCHS! I lived in Atascadero about 5 years ago, and if I remember correctly, you have/had qualification for cat adoption that had to do with declawing (as in "you can't have this cat if you do it"). Some friends and I here in

CATvocates of NE Florida

This Group is dedicated to sharing factual information about the procedure and effects of having cats declawed for non-medical reasons. We share facts about declawing and the long-term effects as we...31 members · Join Group

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This is an article our Animal Health Coordinator posted in our local paper:

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Nothing can break up a happy home faster than seeing your new kitten or cat scale your drapes or sink it's claws into your new couch or favorite chair! Cats scratch and climb to leave their scent, for visual markings, and to sharpen their claws

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Bonnie Louwerens

Leia aka "Ashley" and her big Bengal brother, Loki. These two are inseparable. So happy to have adopted from you guys! =)

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See she was a good Idea

Like · 22 May

Holly Bushey

We love our new addition. Champ (now D.J.) is the perfect addition to our home

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North County Humane Society

Our fosters are having a blast taking care of all our little ones until they are ready to be adopted!

Kitten Season 2014

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This baby is beautiful!

Like · 7 Apr

So precious!! Awwwww!! <3

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NCHS Low Cost Microchip Clinic
We offer a microchip service for all animals in the community. Cost is $15.00. Bring your dogs on a leash and your cats in a secure carrier.

If you would like to have your pet microchipped call the shelter to schedule your appointment.
North County Humane Society

Shelter Wish List

North County Humane Society
2300 Ramona Road, Atascadero, CA 93422
Mail: slonchs.info@gmail.com
[T]: 805.466.5403
[F]: 805.466.2043
Hours of Operation
Tuesday thru Saturday from 10am ‐ 4:30pm
Wednesday from 10am ‐ 6:30pm
Closed Sunday, Monday, and Public Holidays
Shelter Cat visiting closes at 4:30pm

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