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The North County Humane Society is a division of Action for Animals' Rights (AFAR), founded in 1977. We are a "no-kill" cat adoption center/shelter. Our mission is to reduce pet overpopulation and to promote responsible pet ownership through spay/neuter and trap, neuter and release programs; provide shelter, care and socialization opportunities for domestic cats awaiting permanent homes; and advocate for the welfare and humane treatment of all animals through education efforts in our communities. View our
Complete Mission Statement and History

If you are looking to support a great organization, we could really use your help.

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Markie Mark

Here's a pic of Bucket for you guys! He loves his new blanket, We're in the middle of Brushings haha. He's adjusting pretty well :) We pretty much just roll around on the carpet all day lol thanks so much for everything!! :)

Like · Comment · Share · 30 Oct

I'm so happy Bucket got to go home with you Markie! I can't wait to visit him this weekend!

Like · 30 Oct · 1 Likes

Aaaaaagh I want to meet him!

Like · 30 Oct · 2 Likes

Haha you need to!! I adore him, he's such a little sweetheart X3

Like · 30 Oct

Brandi Blair.

look what got dug up from the dusty archives! I think were ganna be seeing alot more of the crazy cat lady pretty soon keep an eye out for more videos!

The Crazy Cat Lady Meets Mama Rose!

The crazy cat lady returned to NCHS today. Find out what's new in her life by watching the video above.

Like · Comment · Share · 24 Oct
North County Humane Society

Just about the cutest Ad for shelter cats Ive ever seen!

Shelter Cats Can Agree On One Thing They All Want. Hint: It Involves You!

October 29th is National Cat Day. Celebrate by adopting a new furry friend, spending time with your own, or voluteering at a shelter. This video will speak to any cat owner or lover, as these shelter cats

Like · Comment · Share · 20 Oct
North County Humane Society

NCHS would like to thank everyone who came out to bowl last night it was such an amazing turn out and it was wonderful to see so many smiling cat loving faces! :)

Like · Comment · Share · 19 Oct
Karie Hendricks

Hank and Hanson

Like · Comment · Share · 18 Oct
Karie Hendricks

Hank and Hanson

Like · Comment · Share · 18 Oct
Joy Wilde

Found 2 dogs running on La Panza in Creston last night. Got them out of harms way and took them to vet, no chip. Other pic in comments. Anyone know these darlings?

Like · Comment · Share · 17 Oct

Here is the other pup found with the one above

Like · 17 Oct

Julie Hudgens Bell

Love the new website everyone. Great job.

Like · Comment · Share · 12 Oct
Jan Lynch

Congratulation on the new and beautiful NCHS website. The pictures of the kitties are the best!!! Just makes me want to take them all home!!!

Like · Comment · Share · 8 Oct
Bring Penny Home

Penny disappeared on December 12, 2012 while she was being boarded with Trailway Veterinary Service in Bethany, Missouri. I have searched extensively for her and continue to do so. She could be anywhere so please keep an eye out for her and help

Like · Comment · Share · 3 Oct
Larry Roberts

Here is one of your alumni – adopted by us July 2010. He was "Angel" at the time and weighed 4 lbs. But we called him "Oscar" and he grew, and grew. He grew into an 18 lb. Maine Coon! Who knew? He's doing fine.

Like · Comment · Share · 2 Oct
Elsie Eaton Fish

Can anyone help ? We have 7 kittens on our ranch and need homes for them ! We are going out of town soon and have no one to care for them ! They were the result of someone abandoning their moms here at our ranch and we have fed and cared for them but

Like · Comment · Share · 3 Sep
Julie Bean


Like · Comment · Share · 1 Sep
Julie Bean


Like · Comment · Share · 1 Sep

beautiful I'll be thinking about where Dove could have a wonderful home (I already have 2 wonderful cats - Buffy and Zephr)

Like · 11 Sep

She's young and playful.

Like · 12 Sep

NCHS Low Cost Microchip Clinic
We offer a microchip service for all animals in the community. Cost is $15.00. Bring your dogs on a leash and your cats in a secure carrier.

If you would like to have your pet microchipped call the shelter to schedule your appointment.
North County Humane Society

Shelter Wish List

North County Humane Society
2300 Ramona Road, Atascadero, CA 93422
Mail: slonchs.info@gmail.com
[T]: 805.466.5403
[F]: 805.466.2043
Hours of Operation
Tuesday thru Saturday from 10am ‐ 4:30pm
Wednesday from 10am ‐ 6:30pm
Closed Sunday, Monday, and Public Holidays
Shelter Cat visiting closes at 4:30pm

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